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© 1999 - 2002 League of Women Voters of Greater Birmingham and
League of Women Voters of the United States

The Voter

March, 2002

A Publication of the League of Women Voters of Greater Birmingham.
Re-formatted here for web publication with index and links added. Web Editor's navigational notes added in [bracketed italics].


LWVGB Business Meeting Scheduled for Saturday, April 20th

Greater Birmingham Area Leaguers will gather in the Members Room of the Birmingham Museum of Art at 11 a.m. on Saturday, April 20 to decide program, adopt a budget, and elect officers and directors for League year 2002-03. The meeting is expected to end by 1 P.M. after which, members interested in having lunch will meet in the Terrace Cafe. No lunch reservations are needed. Bring this Voter to the meeting.

11:00 Call to Order- Welcome Gayle England,
11:05 Report of the Reading Committee
for 2001 Annual Meeting Minutes
11:15 Presentation of the Budget, pg. 3
Debate and Adoption
Colette Scott,
Committee Chair
11:45 Bylaws Committee Report Judith Hand
Committee Chair
11:50 Presentation of Program, pg 2
Debate and Adoption
Sarah McDonald,
1, VP
12:15 Presentation of Nominating Committee
Recommended Slate, Floor Nominations; Election of Officers and Directors
Jean Johnson,
Committee Chair
12:30 Call for Direction to the Board Gayle England
12:55 Closing Comments Gayle England
1:00 Adjournment


Nominating Committee Report

Report: The Nominating
Committee of 2002 is pleased to
recommend for election the
officers, directors, and 2003
nominating committee below.
Unless otherwise noted, the
term of office is two years.

Officers and Directors
Secretary (I yr.) Jo Dobbins
Treasurer Yvonne Knowles
2nd V P Ruth Wright
3rd VP No Candidate
Director Nancy Ekberg
Director Kathryn Kerchof
Director (I yr.) Rose Packer
Nominating Committee (1-yr)
Chair Leonette Slay
Member Becky Sylvester
Member Marian Webber

We encourage members to help find a 3rd Vice President.If you have a qualified candidate for the job, get her permission to be nominated at the Business Meeting when the Chair calls for nominations from the floor.

Respectfully submitted by Jean Johnson (Chair), E.J. Stephens, and Becky Sylvester.

Respectfully submitted by Jean Johnson (Chair), E.J. Stephens, and Becky Sylvester.

See you on April 20th.


LWVGB Losing Office Space

The Commerce Center Building is up to be nominated at the Business for sale and will probably be converted to loft apartments. Affordable rental Meeting when the Chair calls mates are scarce, so LWVGB will close its office by June 1. The new board for nominations from the floor. will consider options for LWVGB's headquarters. Board members are reviewing office files to decide which should go to the archives and which Respectfully submitted by Jean should remain active files. Much of the memorabilia will be offered in a silent Johnson (Chair), E.J. Stephens, auction at the Annual Meeting; proceeds will go to the local Ed Fund. If you and Becky Sylvester. cannot attend the April 20 meeting and want a piece of the memorabilia collection? please call me at 979-7102.
-- Gayle England


Program Proposals for 2002-03

    I. The Board recommends that the existing program positions as printed in the LWVGB Yearbook be retained.

    Il. The Board presents, without comment, the following program items for member consideration:

      A. A Study on Education with Greater Birmingham Ministries' Economic Justice
      Committee. A GBM/LWV coalition would follow League guidelines and be strictly focused on fact gathering; it would not support or oppose candidates. League participation in the study could take one of two forms:

        1. a joint study of K - 12 public education in the Birmingham school system, or,

        2. participation in the GBM Committee study. A comprehensive study has been designed by a GBM committee of community leaders. In return for participation on the committee, the data collected could be made available to the League for independent development of its position statement on education. This project will require at least two League volunteers to attend committee meetings (probably twice per month) and assist in data collection, if possible.

      B. Two Issues for Emphasis Proposals

        1. Member education on LWVGB's position supporting a county manager form of government for Jefferson County; and member education on the effect of the current structure of Jefferson County Government on accountable, efficient, cost-effective and responsive government. Inform members through Voter articles and a general meeting. Estimate of Person Power Needed: A Board member to chair the member education project and an Observer to cover the Jefferson County Commission.

        2. Informational updates on transportation and natural resources issues in the metro area, review of League transportation and natural resources positions to determine if they cover the issues, identification of opportunities for action. Inform members through Voter articles and a general meeting. Estimate of Person Power Needed: a Board member to Chair the update project and two off-Board members, one to focus on each of the two topics.


State Council to Meet in Montgomery

The State League's business meeting will be held Saturday, May 4, 2002 in Montgomery at the Ramada Inn East. State Council alternates with State Convention. The purpose of Council is to adjust the two-year budget and provide workshops for the benefit of local Leagues.

This year the workshops will focus on the background of our Constitutional Reform position and how to lobby for it, the requirements for archiving League records, and the orderly management of files. Other workshops may also be offered.

The meeting will begin at 10 a.m. and end by 3 p.m. The cost is $35 which includes a luncheon and meeting materials. Each local League may send three delegates, but all members are encouraged to attend.


LWVUS Business Meeting Convenes in June

Check your March/April, 2002 National Voter for issues League delegates will address at the June 14 - 18 National Convention in Miami, Florida.



1. Dues
4,000 3,180
2. Contributions 800
    A. Member
    B. Non-member
3. Education Fund 2,450 800
4. From Reserves 1,950
5. Miscellaneous Interest 1,000
TOTAL INCOME 10,200 6,090
    1. Program
250 90
    2. Advocacy
100 90
    3. Citizen Education
    Voter Service
    4. Member Services
      A. Meetings
      B. VOTER
      C. Yearbook
      D. Membership
    5. Support for the League
3,500 2,345
      A. LWVUS
      B. LWVAL
    6. Intra-League Meetings
      A. LWVAL Convention
      B. LWVUS-See Reserves
    7. Administration
300 140
    8. Operations
2,300 650
    9. Miscellaneous
    10. To Reserves
TOTAL EXPENSES 10,200 6,090
Net Change
    AmSouth Checking
    AmSouth Savings
New South Federal CD 14,382,98
LWVAL Ed Fund - LWVGB 12.56
Postal Permit Account 38.77
Checks on hand

Budget Committee: Chair, Colette Scott, Diane Holmes, Leslie O'Neil,


    1. Actual 2001-02 income and expenses are not yet available since LWVGB's fiscal year ends June 30.

    2. The 2002 Budget Committee made three recommendations to the Board:

      A. Put the money where the mission is instead of operations.

      B. Conduct a capital campaign for Ed Fund contributions.

      C. Work with a business class at one of the area universities to develop a business and marketing plan.



Monday, April 15 LWVGB Board Meeting
Commerce Building - Suite 806
2027 l` Ave. N., Birmingham
12 Noon
Saturday, April 20 LWVGB Annual Business Meeting
Birmingham Museum of Art
2000 8" Avenue North
11 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Saturday, May 4 State Council, Ramada Inn East, Montgomery
LWVUS Convention, Miami, Florida
10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
June 14 - 18 LWVUS Convention, Miami, Florida


Volunteers Needed for DNet 2002!

In 2002, the LWVGB will be helping candidates in 24 local races get their messages out via the Internet by enabling them to participate in DemocracyNet (Dnet), the League's interactive political web site. In the year 2000, we covered 12 races in Jefferson Co. (with 19 state-wide and federal races covered by LWVAL and LWVUS!).

This year LWVGB will cover races for city and county boards of education, tax collector, tax assessor, sheriff, circuit judge, and both local congressional districts (# 6 and # 7). These are the races that have the greatest impact on the daily lives of Birmingham and Jefferson Co. citizens.

DNet provides information on candidates and opportunities for citizens to ask candidates to address the issues they consider most important. DNET Administrators call candidates, send out letters, follow up and learn how to use the
Dnet system, which consists of filling out forms on the Internet. It's as easyemail; you do not need to be a
computer expert! DNET needs you To help, contact Jean Johnson, 870-326


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