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The right to vote is a very precious one. Many sacrificed much to give us that right. Regardless of your race, ethnic origins, man or woman, young or old, conservative or liberal - make your voice heard at the ballot box. You do have the power to make a difference at the local, state, and national levels of government. Want to know when, where, and how to register to vote in the Greater Birmingham area? Here are some straight answers ! And, if you don't see the answer to your question, contact the LWVGB (205 583-5000 or admin@lwvgb.org) or one of these resouces:

Frequently asked questions about voting...

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 I am a Birmingham resident, and I want to vote in city elections. How do I know which is my Birmingham City Council District and Board of Education District ?
Your Birmingham Board of Education District is the same as your Birmingham City Council District. Use this chart to help find your district. If you are still uncertain, contact the Board of Registrars at 325-5550. Or see the district maps. Also, see the Official Website for the City of Birmingham for much more information about your city.

Birmingham City Council District / Birmingham Board of Education District City Council Representative
(as of October, 2005)
Schools in this District
District 1
Joel L. Montgomery
Sun Valley Elementary, Arthur Elementary, Smith Middle, North Roebuck Elementary, Huffman Middle, Huffman High, Wright Elementary, Going Elementary
District 2
Carol Duncan
W.J. Christian K-8, Banks Middle, Robinson Elementary, Barrett Elementary, Curry Elementary, Putnam Middle, McElwain Elementary, Gate City Elementary
District 3
Valerie A. Abbott
Avondale Elementary, Glen Iris Elementary, EPIC Elementary, Ramsay High, Oliver Elementary
District 4
Maxine Herring Parker
Woodlawn High, Hayes Middle, Hudson K-8, Gibson Elementary, Whatley Elementary, Kingston Elementary, Inglenook Elementary, Dupuy Alternative, Kennedy Alternative
District 5
William A. Bell, Sr.
Alabama School of Fine Arts, Parker High, Hill Elementary, Tuggle Elementary, Phillips High, Kirby Middle, Wilkerson Middle, Lincoln Middle, Powell Elementary, Norwood Elementary
District 6
Carole Smitherman
Elyton Elementary, Washington K-8, Center Street Middle, Spaulding Elementary, Hemphill Elementary, Jackson Elementary
District 7
Miriam D. Witherspoon
(President Pro-Tem)
Arrington Middle, West End High, Price Elementary, Central Park Elementary, Wenonah Elementary, Wenonah High, A.G. Gaston K-8, Lee Elementary, Riley Elementary, Jones Valley Middle, Powderly Elementary, Green Acres, Princeton Alternative
District 8
Steven W. Hoyt
Ensley High, Bush Middle, Central Park Elementary, Tuxedo Elementary, Minor Elementary, Wilson Elementary, Glenn Middle, Brown Elementary
District 9
Roderick V.  Royal
Jackson Olin High, Council Elementary, South Hampton Elementary, Lewis Elementary, Baker Elementary, North Birmingham, Daniel Payne Middle, Riggins Elementary, Wylam Elementary

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Who is qualified to vote in Alabama?
A qualified voter is
    • a U.S. citizen at least 18 years of age,
    • a resident of Alabama (you may register the same day you move into the state.), and
    • registered at a current home address.
You may not vote if you have been
    • barred by reason of a felony conviction, or
    • judged "mentally incompetant" in a court of law (unless you have had your rights legally restored. Find out how to get voting rights restored.
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When is the deadline to register to vote? 
You must register to vote at least 10 days before an election.
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Where can I register to vote?
You may pick up a voter registration form at any of the following locations. Fill it out and mail it to the Voter Registrar (instructions and mailing address are on the form):

  • Jefferson County Courthouse 
    North Annex - Suite A410
    716 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd North
    Birmingham, AL 35203

    Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p. m.
  • Jefferson County Courthouse - Southern Satellite
    813 Green Springs Highway, Suite 102, Birmingham, 35209
    Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Jefferson County Courthouse - Center Point 
    2651 Center Point Road, Birmingham, 35215
    Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Bessemer Courthouse
    1801 3rd Ave., N., Bessemer, 35020
    Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Shelby County Court House
    200 West College St., Columbiana, 35051
    Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  • Department of Human Resources 
  • Food Stamp Offices 
  • Motor Vehicle Stations 
  • Military Recruiting Centers 
  • Most Libraries 
  • City Halls 
  • Other locations as announced
  • Or, you may get a registration form on-line. Download a voter registration form [includes mailing addresses for all Boards of Registrars in AL
    Get Adobe Acrobat Reader to read and print this form.]

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What are the Voter ID requirements?
Click here for complete information on Alabama's Voter Identification law.
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I've just moved. Do I have to re-register? 
Yes, you must update your residency information with the Board of Registrars of your county. Your polling place may change even though you remain in the same county.
What information do I need to know when I register? 
You must provide your
    • Social Security number,
    • date of birth,
    • legal residential address (not P.O. Box), and
    • home phone number

Do I have to declare membership in a political party when I register?
You will not be asked to declare a party preference when you register to vote in Alabama.
Can I use my computer to register? 
You can't register directly by computer, but you can download a registration form, fill it out, and mail it. Remember, your registration form must be received by your county registrar or by the AL Secretary of State at least 10 days before the election.
How do I find out where to go to vote? Where is my polling place?
If you don't know the location of your regular polling place, call your Jefferson Co. Registrar's office at 205 325-5550 if you live anywhere in Jefferson Co. other than Bessemer, or 205 481-4105 if you live in the Bessemer cut-off. If you live in Shelby County, call the Shelby Co. Board of Registrars office at 205 669-3913.

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What should I take to the polls? Am I required to bring identification?
Take identification with you every time you go to vote. Although a current, valid driver's license is a good ID to use, you do not have to have a photo ID. There are many accepted forms of identification. See the AL Secretary of State's list of accepted voter ID.

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I will be out of town on election day. Can I still vote?

Yes, if you are going to be out of town on election day, you can vote by absentee ballot (Download a request form here). The following instructions are for those voters who live in Jefferson Co., including Birmingham, Bessemer, or any other area, incorpoated (city) or unincorporated of Jefferson Co.. (Do you live outside of Jefferson Co.? Call your local Board of Registrars or Circuit Clerk. For example, call the Shelby Co. Board of Registrars at 205 669-3915 or the Shelby Co. Circuit Clerk at 205 669-3760.)
To vote by absentee ballot:
Apply to your Circuit Clerk in writing at least five days before the election date to request that an absentee ballot be sent to you by mail. Return your ballot in person or by mail to your Circuit Clerk. It must be postmarked or hand-delivered (by the voter him- or herself no later than 1 day before the election day. If you have a medical emergency (requires a doctor's certification) or a business emergency, you may apply for an absentee ballot no later than 5:00 p.m. on the Monday before the Tuesday election day.

If you live in Jefferson Co. in any area other than the Bessemer Cutoff, request your absentee ballot from and return to:
Circuit Clerk Anne-Marie Adams
716 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd
Birmingham, Alabama 35203-0001
For information, call 325-5360

If you live in the Bessemer Cutoff area, request your absentee ballot from and return to:

Circuit Clerk Earl Carter
606 Bessemer Courthouse Annex
Bessemer, AL 35020
For information, call 481-4165.
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I won't be out of town on election day, but I have a good reason why I can't go to my polling place on election day. Can't I vote on-site?

On-site voting prior to the regular polling day is no longer an option for voting. If you cannot vote at your regular polling place on election day, apply for an absentee ballot. Read information regarding absentee voting.

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You still haven't answered my questions regarding registration and voting. Whom can I ask?
Call your local Registrar's office for answers to your questions regarding voter registration and polling place.

Birmingham (anywhere in Jefferson County other than the Bessemer Cutoff) - 325-5550

Bessemer Cutoff - 481-4105

If you have questions regarding an absentee ballot or on-site voting, call your County Circuit Clerk's office:

Birmingham (anywhere in Jefferson County other than the Bessemer Cutoff) - 325-5360

Bessemer Cutoff - 481-4165

If you have questions regarding an absentee ballot or on-site voting in a Birmingham city race, call the Birmingham City Clerk's office at 254-2290.

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If your questions are not answered here, contact the LWVGB (205 583-5000 or admin@lwvgb.org) or one of these resouces:

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