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Women Who Made a Difference in Alabama
Edited by M. Abigail Toffel 

Women Who Made a Difference in Alabama, published in 1995, is an important historical collection of 29 biographies of Alabama heroes. These fascinating biographies of modern Alabama women were compiled by the League of Women Voters of Alabama and edited under the direction of Miriam Abigail Toffel. 

Biographies included in
Women Who Made a Difference In Alabama
and their Authors
Dr. Anne Ward Amacher, Environmentalist/LWV By Elizabeth D. Schafer
Dr. Leah Marie Rawls Atkins, Humanities By Elizabeth D. Schafer
Phoebe Barr, Dancer/Teacher/Activist By M. Abigail Toffel
Carolyn Blount, Patron of the Arts By Kathy Yarbrough
Mary Ward Brown, Writer/Novelist By Elizabeth D. Schafer
Mary Burks, Environmentalist By M. Abigail Toffel
Virginia Durr, Civil Rights/LWV By LaVerne D. Ramsey
Dr. Hallie Farmer, Educator By Elizabeth D. Schafer
Linda Caldwell Fuller, Habitat for Humanity By Elizabeth D. Schafer
Ila Glynn, Civil Rights/LWV By Joyce Mahan
Jane Katz, Lobbyist/LWV By Elizabeth D. Schafer
Dr. Mary Eugenia Martin, Suffragist/Librarian By Elizabeth D. Schafer
Eula McGill, Labor Union Leader/LWV By LaVerne D. Ramsey
Nina Miglionico, Lawyer/Politician By LaVerne D. Ramsey
Gloria N. Moody, Musician/Patron By M. Abigail Toffel
Alberta Murphy, Lawyer/Activist/LWV By Joyce Mahan
Sarah Cabot Pierce, LWV Leader By Sarah Cabot Pierce
Annie Lola Price, Judge/LWV By Elizabeth D. Schafer
Phyllis Jeanne Edwards Rea, LWV Leader By Elizabeth D. Schafer
Clara Lull Robison, Politics By Sarah Cabot Pierce
Hazel Brandon Smith, Pulitzer Prize Journalist By C. Joanne Sloan
Dorah Heyman Sterne, LWV/Civic Leader/Patron By M. Abigail Toffel
Dr. Kathryn Ryan Cordell Thornton, Astronaut/Physicist By Elizabeth D. Schafer
Dr. Charlotte Berkley Reed Ward, Educator/LWV By Elizabeth D. Schafer
Zelpha Wells, Jazz Musician/Teacher By Suzanne Henson
Maude Whatley, Educator/Health Care/Reformer/LWV By Hazel Bruchey
Zecozy Williams, Civil Rights/LWV By Ann Permaloff
Kathryn Tucker Windham, Writer/Journalist/Actor By Elizabeth D. Schafer
Zelma Wyatt, LWV Leader By Joyce Mahan

Women Who Made a Difference in Alabama
- Foreward -

by Editor M. Abigail Toffel 
The purpose of this book is twofold, to preserve the history of these women and to raise money for the League of Women Voters of Alabama. The money earned will be used by the state and local Leagues for workshops, debates, speakers, forums, publications, and other projects. There are so many notable women in and from Alabama that they could fill many books. The Alabama women in this collection were chosen for many different reasons. They are from a wide variety of backgrounds and the majority have not been written about in other books. Most are living, however, several said their age was private information. We hope you will enjoy reading about them. Our writers, while not writing scholarly biographies, give the most accurate picture possible with fact, interviews, and research. We began each story with the woman's words of inspiration or words of wisdom. 

These women are all heroes in their own way. Heroes show us what can be done. They show us who we can become and how to go about it. We must take ownership of our past -- it is what made us what we are. This collection recognizes the personal contribution and achievement of the women included in it. We encourage everyone to understand that all work is important for the dignity of the effort and the contribution to the whole of our society.

Many thanks to the writers for all their good work. Thanks to the proof readers, Joyce Mahan, Willita Zoellner, Joan King, Charlotte Gattrozzi and Suzanne Nasir. Thanks to Sybille Barron, State League Treasurer, and to President Sarah McDonald. Thanks to the local Leagues and to the State Board. Also, special thanks to my local League, The League of Women Voters of Greater Tuscaloosa, and to its President Dena Strong.

----- M. Abigail Toffel, Editor -----

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"Government Representatives at Your Fingertips"

  • Find out how to register to vote.
  • Identify and contact your elected representatives.
  • Find that board, department, or agency which you've been trying to contact.
"Representatives of Greater Birmingham at Your Fingertips" is a brochure that gives you essential non-partisan information about elected representatives and officials at the local (Metropolitan Birmingham), state (Alabama), and national levels of government. It is published by the LWVGB Education Fund, and is available to the public free of charge. Get this essential aid if you want to let your representative know your opinion on any issue, to contact an elected official concerning a special problem, or to get your voting questions answered. 
  • Get free copies - Call 205 699-5582 or e-mail vrandolph517@alltel.net  
  • View the brochure online and print. Available in 3 formats. Choose your preferred format:  .doc, .pdf, .rtf (Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to read .pdf. Get it free here.)

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The publications found on this web page are funded by the Education Funds of the League of Women Voters of Greater Birmingham and the League of Women Voters of Alabama. The "Ed Fund" is supported through tax-deductable donations, and its projects are designed to educate the public without bias. You will find no advocacy statements or invitation to membership in the League here. And, as with all LWV undertakings, these works are strictly non-partisan. We do not support or oppose any candidate or political party.

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