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Information for LWVGB Members
Welcome to the League* - An introduction to the League with a list of frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ) for new members. "Seasoned" members may also find this helpful. Includes links to much useful LWV information.
LWVGB Documents* - Board agendas, minutes, treasurers reports, polices, etc.
LWVGB Calendar - Happenings throughout the year
LWVGB Voter - Newsletter of the LWVGB
LWVGB Leadership* - Contact information for members of LWVGB Board, Off-Board, and Nominating Committee (Or see this name-only list.)
LWVGB Membership Roster* - Contact information for LWVGB Members

* Available only to members. If you are a LWVGB member and need access information, contact Jean Johnson at 205 222-2097.


Next LWVGB Board Meeting...
Tuesday, February 23, 2016
6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
via teleconference

<--!Community Foundation of B'ham
2121 1st Avenue North, #700
Birmingham, AL

-->Any member of the
League of Women Voters of Greater Birmingham
is welcomed to attend as an observer. If the scheduled meeting is a teleconference, members can contact Jean Johnson (jjohnson@lwvgb.org or 205 583-5000) for access information.



Members, for full board contact information click here.
Non-members, send a message to a board member
here or call 205 583-5000.


President (2015-2016)
Ida Tyree-Hyche

Vice President (2015-2016)
Jean Johnson

Secretary (2015-2017)
Starr Culpepper

Treasurer (2014-2016)
Michael O'Donnell


Connie Arnwine (2015-2016)

Arlene Godwin (2015-2016)

Margaret "Maggie" Howard (2015-2016)

Barbara Powell (2014-2016)

Nancy Sales (2015-2017)


Observer  Corps/Transparency
     Co-Chairs, Barbara Powell and Ann Smith (Off Board)
     Member Yvonne Brakefield (Off Board)
     Chair, Arlene Godwin

    Co-Chairs, Starr Culpepper, and Ida Tyree Hyche

Voter Service & Outreach
    Co-Chairs, Nancy Sales and Margaret Howard
    Members:  Jean Johnson, Arlene Godwin and Ida Tyree Hyche
    Off board members: Yvonne Brakefield, Ann Smith and Helen Rivas (Hispanic community)

    Chair, Ida Tyree Hyche
    Members:  All board members

       Chair, Director Connie Arnwine

Communications/Social Networking
      Chair, Jean Johnson
      Off board members: Yvonne Brakefield, Ann Smith & Helen Rivas (Off board, Hispanic community)


Ann Smith, Chair
Yvonne Brakefield
Arlene Godwin


Recent Past Presidents

Yvonne Brakefield (2014-2015)

Trisha Powell Crain (2013-2014)

Cyrondys Jackson (2012-2013)

Ida Tyree-Hyche (2011-2012)

Leonette Slay (2011)

Sarah McDonald (2009-2011)


Calling All Members to LWVGB Volunteer Opportunities

Leaguers help make democracy work! Can you fit a few volunteer hours into your schedule? There are plenty of opportunities for you in the League. How can you help? Call 205 583-5000 to volunteer or for further information.

The League and the good work that we do is dependent on your service and dedication to League principles. Remember, the League works because you contribute. Members, thank you for all that you have done in the past and in advance for accepting new volunteer opportunities!