Sunshine on Government 2012
Government Website Review

2012 Results Summary

The overall results of the evaluation revealed a few things:
  • Sites tended to have contact information but not readily available on the first/home page.
  • All elected officials are named but often the term of office or date for next election is not noted. Some officials do not have email listings which seem to be easy to remedy.
  • Appointed Committees are poorly described, meetings often not mentioned and most important what committees exist to allow citizens to apply for a committee.
  • Meeting information ranged from very well documented to poorly documented. The meeting minutes of Committees seemed to be unavailable. When there is no information about when a Committee is going to meet and then no minutes, it makes the Committee activities appear to be hidden.
  • Freedom of Information or how to seek information not listed on a web site is poorly explained.
  • Most sites have on-line transactions and tend to be good when it is business oriented but some also have excellent citizen transactions for taxes, tickets, building changes, etc.
  • When two people review the same site, there is a difference in view of items being present. This may be due to the evaluation tool and also may be complicated by the location of the item on a page that is not readily apparent.
  • Some of the governments have taken an approach that seems to be open to the citizens and includes information about local activities, venues, events, weather warnings, etc.
  • While web sites are not a requirement of governments, it appears that some of our governments are genuinely trying to communicate with all stakeholders.

Here are the detailed results of the League's 2012 Web Site Review.