A Publication of The League of Women Voters of Greater Birmingham

Published September 2004

New Member Spotlight

Our LWVGB is growing! Meet our new members.

Winifred Jackson is a Birmingham native who became interested in the League through conversations with her coworker, Leslie O’Neil. This is her first step into community activism. She is interested in voter registration and community education on political issues that could improve quality of life. What skills does she bring with her? “I’m very diligent and don’t get discouraged easily.”

Kate Long comes from a family of politically active women. Both her mother and aunt were members of the Florida LWV. After living “all over,” Kate settled in Birmingham and decided it was time for her to join the action. Kate wants to see more people voting and more equity in the political process. “I’m proud of my family history of activism.”

Becky Davis recently joined the League as a first step to renew her involvement with the political process. This Birmingham native has worked in political campaigns and served as an officer in the Jefferson County Democratic Executive Committee. After a few years off, she decided the LWV would be a good place to put her energy. Becky describes herself as “fiercely loyal to my family, friends and issues.”

Amanda McGriff came to Birmingham from Montgomery five years ago. She and her husband went to Iowa to work in the Howard Dean campaign. When Dean lost, he urged his supporters to stay involved. She turned to the internet to find a local organization involved with women’s issues. She found the LWV site and realized the organization was relevant to her interests. Amanda explains, “I’m a workaholic. I’m hoping to use my energy for something in addition to my job.”

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