A Publication of The League of Women Voters of Greater Birmingham

Published September 2004

Membership Renewal Time!

September is annual membership renewal month. Dues are $40 individual, $60 family and $20 student. Members who joined in 2004 may have paid a portion of this year’s dues, according to the agreement upon joining.

Please complete this form and send it with your check, payable to LWVGB.
Mail to: Yvonne Brakefield, Treasurer; 3451 Cliff Road, Birmingham, Al 35205.

         Name   ___________________________________________________

         Phone (h)   ____________________   (w)   _______________________

            Street                                       City                     State                Zip

        e-mail   ______________________________  Amount Enclosed $_____

Questions? Call Nancy Ekberg at 967-2897 or e-mail her at

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