A Publication of The League of Women Voters of Greater Birmingham

Published MarcSeptemberh 2005

New Members

Join us in welcoming these new members to our League.

Rolanda Taylor
Rolanda Taylor works at Regions Bank, volunteers with the Red Cross and takes karate classes. Her degree in political science shows a predisposition for LWV membership. Rolanda is ready to get a different perspective on news and politics. Her special concerns are children's rights and the elderly. "I'm excited and ready to go to work."

Jeannine Spann was born in South Georgia, but has lived in Alabama most of her life. She is a member of the American Association of University Women, works with her church and enjoys her grandchildren. Jeannine is especially interested in social justice and women's issues. "While I know that life is not always fair, we don't have to accept the unfairness."

Cheryl Forman recently left the corporate world and started a home-based business. This gives her new opportunities to get involved with community affairs. "I am interested in unlocking the mystery of our Alabama constitution." Cheryl knows how important it is to get people out to the polls; one of her friends lost a local election by three votes. She would also likes to work toward eliminating the Electoral College.

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