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Published September 2005

Voters Service

The LWVGB is going live on the Internet this month with and the Birmingham City Council elections. Because we are a non-partisan organization with a good history of reputably managing election issues for citizen education, the Birmingham News asked us to sponsor an Internet Forum. We are working with to create on online forum for citizens to submit questions to candidates running for Birmingham City Council. The procedure is similar to the way we have operated DNET for national and state elections. Citizens can post questions and each candidate may respond. The site is expected to be up and running by September 12 and will continue until October 11, the date of the City elections.

This month Voters Service worked with Birmingham Pledge to register voters at the Eracism Picnic on September 11 at Kelly Ingram Park. Kathleen Kerchof, Carolyn Kerchof, Kate Long and Francine Clark Jones registered new voters.

How are elections handled? Do they comply with HAVA? Are the rules applied in the same way in Jefferson County and Shelby County? Do the HAVA rule applications in Alabama compare with the way the rules are applied in Wisconsin, Georgia, Oregon, etc.? These are some issues that the Voters Service will be looking at in the near future. Would you like to participate in determining the answers? Send an email to Virginia Randolph to volunteer. We will share the results of this inquiry at the membership meeting in April.

"Government Representatives at Your Fingertips"
The flier we have called Fingertips over the years is now updated and available on our web site Anyone may print out copies to use. Thanks to Sarah McDonald, Leslie O'Neil, Colette Scott, and Judith Hand for tracking down and double-checking all the names, addresses, and emails and proofing the text.

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