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Published October 2006

A Note from the President

We were privileged to have Carol Balch, Kathryn McDonald, Ashleigh Timmerman, Karen Timmerman and Jennifer Clammer as guests at LWVGB’s September Membership meeting at the Cantina. We enjoyed good food, good company and stimulating conversation.

Mark your calendar to attend a Jefferson County Town Hall meeting, hosted by Rep. Artur Davis, on October 19th at the Birmingham City Council Chambers. The topic of discussion will be mass transit issues. In lieu of our October Membership Meeting, all members are encouraged to attended Hadassah’s Candidate Forum on Sunday, October 22nd which will be held at Beis Ariel Chabad House. Additional information on each of these events can be found inside this issue of THE VOTER.

Many thanks to our members who have sent in their 2006-07 dues payment. If you have not yet had a chance to renew your membership, please take a moment to fill out and mail in the enclosed form.

-- Yvonne 

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