A Publication of The League of Women Voters of Greater Birmingham

Published October 2005

Observer Corp

Jefferson County Commission
(Reported by Beverly Nelson)

About $480 million of Clean Water Act compliance projects identified by the JCC are unfunded, according to a confidential report prepared by engineering firm Burk-Kleinpeter.  Commissioner Gary White, who oversees the sewer department, explained that work mandated by the 1996 federal court consent decree must be done first.  Any money left over can go to high priority Clean Water Act projects.  White admitted that some of the projects may never get done.

Doris Powell, new chair of the Birmingham-Jefferson County Transit Authority, spoke before the October 4 meeting.  Although Ms. Powell had been on the job only 13 days, she assured the commission that transit authority bills had been paid and she was reviewing budgeting for fiscal year 2006.  She is asking that a transit authority external affairs committee be formed.  The city of Birmingham contributes 26% and Jefferson County 20% of the transit system funding.  Funding must be a priority; the transit system faces a $5 million deficit and a need for upgraded services.

Birmingham Water Works Board
(Reported by Sarah McDonald)

One of the benefits of being no longer President of the LWVGB is that I can now concentrate on the smaller picture.  To that end, I am covering the Birmingham Water Board meetings.  After attending an informational meeting, I realized that I needed a primer on the Water Board.  There was no such written material, so it was suggested that I meet with Randall Chafin.  He gave me an excellent history of the Water Works in Birmingham, explained the organizational structure of the utility and provided me with enough information to follow the Board and its function going forward.  Stay tuned for more exciting reports!

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