A Publication of The League of Women Voters of Greater Birmingham

Published October 2005

Voters Service
(Reported by Virginia Randolph)

New Age Candidate Forum
LWVGB went Internet live with and the Birmingham City Council Elections.  Due to our reputation for being fair and definitely non-partisan we were chosen to extend invitations to candidates and review material posted for an Internet candidate forum.  Like DNET, (national LWV’s online activity for election information and communication with candidates), the site allowed candidates to post information on their experience and qualifications.   Candidates were also encouraged to add a statement of intent or goals for the office.   Citizens submitted questions and candidates posted their responses.  Though not all incumbents submitted information, at least one candidate in most of the district races did.  Some candidates submitted just a link to their web site, some submitted biographical information, statements of issues and answered questions.

Questions submitted appeared thoughtful, in this writer’s mind.  They included issues of

  • Crime
  • Road/street paving
  • Domed stadium
  • Filling positions on boards (e.g. Airport authority)
  • Robust city-wide recycling program
  • Economic development in general and in the I-65 interchange area with I-22
  • “Blended” form of municipal government with district and at large representation
  • Representation of citizens in other districts
  • Flood zone
  • Expanded public transit
  • Family friendly business in areas of crime and loss of businesses
  • Landfill
  • Abandoned houses, high grass, litter

Thanks to Sarah McDonald, Yvonne Brakefield, Betty Warnock, Paulette Rowe, Jean Johnson, Nancy Ekberg and Cissy Bennett for helping with various aspects of the project.

Volunteer Opportunity
How are elections handled?  Do they comply with HAVA?  Are the rules applied in the same way in Jefferson County and Shelby County?  How do HAVA rule applications in Alabama compare with the way the rules are applied in Wisconsin, Georgia, Oregon, etc.?

These are some issues that Voters Service will be addressing in the near future.  Help us find the answers!  Just send an email to Virginia Randolph or call 699-5582 to volunteer.  We will hold a planning session in November (probably on a Saturday morning for about 1 hour).   We will share the results of this inquiry at our April membership meeting.

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