A Publication of The League of Women Voters of Greater Birmingham

Published October 2005

LWV Releases Report on Civil Liberties and Secure Communities

The League of Women Voters recently released findings and recommendations from its Local Voices: Citizens Conversations on Civil Liberties and Secure Communities project, a multi-faceted initiative designed to foster public dialogue on balance between civil liberties and homeland security.

The report reveals that Americans feel more openness in government is key to striking a balance between security and individual liberty. Another finding is that people value a system of checks and balances and are concerned about policies that favor greater security at the expense of basic freedoms and rights.

“The League of Women Voters is the right organization, at the right time, to call for a conversation that is open to all Americans. This report does that by offering recommendations for action,” said President Kay J. Maxwell. “Government needs to share information with and listen to the public. The public needs to make efforts to keep informed and to make their voices known. And the media and other organizations need to facilitate and monitor activities that achieve these ends.”

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