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Published October 2004

Concerned about the State of Healthcare?
Submitted by Rebecca Stafford

If healthcare available to uninsured and underinsured individuals concerns you, then here’s how to get involved! The LWVGB Healthcare Study Committee needs help creating a position statement on the access and delivery of healthcare in Jefferson County, as it applies to preventive and follow-up care for chronic conditions. The by-product of the position paper will be the bulk of our research, which will be compiled into a report and posted on our website.

The study will be divided into four parts:

  1. Public/Government institutions
  2. Private institutions
  3. Nonprofit institutions
  4. Insurance Companies/Third Party Payers
Each part has a subcommittee that will determine the questions to be answered, such as, whom the institutions are serving, how much it costs and the number of people served.

Take part in this important study by contacting Rebecca Stafford at 249-5861 or

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