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Published November 2005

Observer Corp

Jefferson County Commission

An engineering company report cited flaws in wall design as the cause of flooding that disabled the new Valley Creek pumping station last April. The structural engineer for the $52 million project, F.W. Dougherty Engineering, was indicted last July on federal bribery charges related to work on county sewer projects. Commissioner Gary White said repairs to will cost up to $10 million in addition to the $148,000 paid to another firm to determine the cause of the flooding. The county attorney said this was a preliminary report and it is too early to determine who should pay for the repairs.

JCC president Larry Langford has announced a $5 million program to pay to certify every teacher in all 12 Jefferson County school districts.

Langford, Birmingham mayor Bernard Kincaid and UAB president Carol Garrison have joined with the Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce to develop a ?branding? message and campaign. Early discussions focused on ideas for a ?Magic City? theme.

Jefferson County, the City of Birmingham and the State of Alabama have each pledged $125,000 to hire workers to oversee boarding homes. The home inspection program, administered by the Jefferson County Health Department, was threatened by budget cuts. Many residents of the county?s boarding homes are elderly, disabled or mentally ill. The end of inspections would have left these residents vulnerable to unscrupulous or illegal boarding home operators.

Birmingham Water Works Board

In its November 1 meeting, the Alabama Public Service Commission voted 2-1 against regulating the Birmingham Water Works Board. This means the five-member board appointed by the Birmingham City Council will continue to set the rates for 750,000 customers in Jefferson, Shelby, Blount, Walker and St. Clair counties. A previously announced 8.75 percent rate hike will take effect January 1.

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