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April - May, 2003

A Publication of the League of Women Voters of Greater Birmingham.
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  • LWVGB Members Called to Annual Meeting on Saturday, May 17
  • Meeting Agenda
  • Nominating Committee Report
  • Proposed Bylaws Change
  • Recommended Program for 2003-04
  • LWVGB Board of Directors 2002-2003
  • About the Voter
  • State Convention in Mobile
  • President's Message
  • Reminder - Jefferson Co. Web Site
  • Budget Committee Report
  • 2003 April / May Calendar

    LWVGB Members Called to Annual Meeting on Saturday, May 17

    It's that time of the year when Greater Birmingham Area Leaguers meet to consider bylaws changes, adopt program and a budget, and elect officers and directors. May 17 is the date. The place is the Birmingham Museum of Art in the Members Room. The time is 10:30 ­ 12:30. After the meeting, members interested in having lunch can gather in the Museum's Terrace Café. (No reservations needed) See the note below on parking at the Museum. Bring this Voter to the meeting.

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    Meeting Agenda ­
    10:30 A.M. ­ 12:30 P.M.

    10:30 Call to Order Gayle England,

    10:35 Report of the Reading Committee for 2002 Annual Meeting Minutes Gaynelle Tatum,
    E.J. Stephens

    10:45 Proposed Bylaws Change - Debate and Adoption (pg. 2) Gaynelle Tatum,
    Bylaws Chair

    11:00 Budget Presentation - Debate and Adoption (pg.3) Yvonne Brakefield*,
    Budget Committee

    11:25 Recommended Program (pg. 2) - Debate and Adoption Nancy Ekberg,
    Board Director

    11:45 Remarks of Outgoing President Gayle England

    11:55 Nominating Committee Report, Floor nominations, Election of Officers and Directors

    Leonette Slay,
    Committee Chair

    12:05 Address of Incoming President New President

    12:15 Direction to the Board New President

    12:30 Adjournment
    (* Budget Chair, Diane Holmes, is unable to attend.)
    Meeting Agenda ­

    PARKING -- Annual Meeting is scheduled during City Stages. Some streets near the Museum will be closed. The Museum parking lot will be open. Get your parking ticket validated before leaving the Museum.

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    Nominating Committee Report

    The LWVGB 2003 Nominating Committee recommends the election of the following for service on the League Board. Terms are two years unless otherwise noted.

    Officers and Directors:
    President Sarah McDonald
    1st VP Nancy Ekberg
    Secretary Rose Packer
    Director Cary Page
    Director Virginia Randolph
    (One-year term)
    Director Leonette Slay
    Directors (2) Positions Open

    At the meeting, members may nominate candidates from the floor after getting permission of the person to be nominated.

    Nominating Committee
    (One-Year Term)

    Chair Anne Findley-Shores

    Member Gayle England

    Member E.J. Stephens

    Respectfully submitted by Leonette Slay (Chair), Yvonne Brakefield, and Becky Sylvester.

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    Proposed Bylaws Change

    The Bylaws Committee recommends that LWVGB delete the office of third vice-president from Article V. Officers, Sec.1 of the Bylaws.

    Article V. Sec. I, Enumeration and Election of Officers: The officers of the League of Women Voters of Greater Birmingham shall be a president, a first vice-president, a second vice-president, a third vice-president, a secretary and a treasurer who shall be elected for terms of two years by the general membership at an annual business meeting. (The remainder of Sec. I covers which offices are elected in even and in odd years. If approved, all references to the third vice-president would be deleted.)

    Reason for Recommendation: The office of third vice-president is not a necessary office due to the decline in membership over the years.

    -- Gaynelle Tatum, Bylaws Committee Chair

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    Recommended Program for 2003-04

    The Board of Directors of the LWV of Greater Birmingham recommends the

      1. Retain current program positions. (Copies of the positions will be available at the meeting.)

      2. The incoming board should appoint a committee to review the current program. Any recommendations for updates of positions or a new study will be done according to Bylaws Article IX, Program, Section 4. Program Changes.

      3. Continue the issues for emphasis adopted in 2002: member education and League action on the Jefferson County Government position and the transportation and natural resources positions.

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    LWVGB Board of Directors 2002-2003

    P.O. Box 661213
    Vestavia Hills, AL 35266
    Phone: (205) 824-8112

      Gayle England, President
      (205) 979-7102
      Email: geengland@att.net

      Sarah McDonald, 1st V.P.
      (205) 967-2829
      Email: smcdonald3357@charter.net

      Ruth J. Wright, 2nd V.P.
      (205) 979-0754

      Jo Dobbins, Secretary
      (205) 608-1866
      Email: k4li@bellsouth.net

      Yvonne Knowles, Treasurer
      Email: yvonnebrakefield@yahoo.com

      Nancy Ekberg, Director
      (205) 967-2897
      Email: nanekberg@aol.com

      Diane Holmes, Director
      (205) 982-3006
      Email: HolmesRE@aol.com

      Kathryn Kerchof, Director
      (205) 802-7215 (Home)
      Email: kerchoff@balch.com

      Sandra Smith, Director
      (205) 957-7964
      Email: vshome@bellsouth.net

      Jessie Tehranchi, Director
      (205) 822-5615
      Email: tehranch@bellsouth.net

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    About the Voter:

    The LWVGB Voter is a publication of the League of Women Voter of
    Greater Birmingham.

    Voter Contact:
    Becky Sylvester, Editor
    604 Paden Dr. Birmingham, 35226
    Ph: (205) 824-1524
    Email: bandbsyl@aol.com

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    State Convention in Mobile

    LWVAL's biennial convention will be held Saturday and Sunday, April 26-27, at the Radisson Admiral Seemes Hotel in Mobile. Convention business includes election of a new state board and debate/adoption of program, budget and bylaws changes.

    Saturday afternoon workshops will cover program and administrative issues: A Primer for Treasurers; Presidents Need to Know, a session for local League presidents; Civic Education, a focus on getting students interested in civic participation; and HAVA (Help America Vote Act), the new federal election reform act. The Saturday evening banquet will feature Secretary of State Nancy Worley as the guest speaker who will further inform Leaguers on election reform issues in Alabama.

    All League members (delegates or not) are welcome to attend the convention. Call Gayle England (979-7102) for more information if you are interested in attending. Sarah McDonald

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    President's Message:

    As I come to the end of my term as President, I reflect on the past two years of my League work. There were so many jobs that this League accomplished. The part I enjoyed the most was working with the various organizations and knowing we made a difference. I am thankful to those who mentored me on the "League way" and especially thankful to those who were willing to do whatever needed to be done and did it beyond expectations. I want to thank the members for giving me the opportunity to serve as president. Challenges lie ahead with the changes in our community. I encourage each of you to continue to promote the principles of the League and to remember that you DO make a difference.

    -- Gayle

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    REMINDER: You can contact Jefferson County departments and Commissioners online at the County's new web site - www.JeffCoInTouch.com

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    Budget Committee Report

    2002-03 Budget Proposed
    2003-04 Budget
    Contributions Income * 1210.00 1000.00
    Ed Fund ** 800.00 2000.00
    Interest Income 900.00 425.00
    Legacies & Bequests 0.00 0.00
    Membership Dues 3180.00 2850.00
    Miscellaneous Income 0.00 0.00
    Sale of Services 0.00 0.00
    Ed Fund Reimbursements 569.00
    From Reserves (Bequest) 1281.00
    TOTAL INCOME 6090.00 8125.00
    Administration 140.00 200.00
    Advocacy 90.00 0.00
    Citizen Education *** 990.00 2000.00
    Intra-League Activities 400.00 1000.00
    Member Services 885.00 1145.00
    To Reserves 500.00 0.00
    Operations 650.00 970.00
    Program Expense 90.00 100.00
    Support for the League 2345.00 2560.00
    Finance Drive 150.00
    TOTAL EXPENSE 6090.00 8125.00
    * Non Tax Deductible
    ** Tax Deductible
    *** Includes one time expense ($250.00) for DNet funding

    Fixed Income for 2003-04: $3844.00
    Fixed Expenses for 2003-04: $4270.00
    Fixed Deficit: $426.00


    • Incoming Board should engage the membership in significant fund raising

    • Drop PO Box rental; use incoming President's mailing address

    • Purchase "PageMaker" (or equivalent) software with money in bequest to offset expenses associated with FingerTips and VOTER publication

    • Expense associated with Membership Services:VOTER is based on monthly publication; drop Bulk Postal.

    • Expense associated with Operations:Telephone includes voice mail service
      and relocation fee.

    • Income from Ed Fund Reimbursement is based on !5% of phone bill and 25% of National PMP.

    Account Balances (as of 3/31/03)

    AmSouth Checking: 1896.47
    AmSouth Savings: 13842.10
    Ed Fund: 479.51
    NewSouth Federal CDs
    3 month 10000.00
    6 month 10000.00
    Postal Bulk Permit: 20.00
    Total Account Balances 36238.08

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    April 26-27
    LWVAL Convention
    Radisson Admiral Semmes Hotel
    251 Government St.
    Mobile, Al.

    May 1
    General Meeting of the
    Birmingham Chapter of ACCR
    Offices of the Chamber of Commerce
    Birmingham Financial Center
    505 5th Avenue No., Second Floor

    4:30-5:30 p.m.
    May 17
    LWVGB Annual Meeting
    Birmingham Museum of Art
    Members Room
    2000 8th Avenue North
    10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
    June 6-9 National Council, Washington, D.C.
    Date to be announced
    LWVGB Organizational Board Meeting
    Late June Next Voter

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