A Publication of The League of Women Voters of Greater Birmingham

Published March 2005

ACCR Petition Drive

As League members know, we are working with Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform on a year-long effort to get signatures on a petition asking our Legislators to allow us to vote on a constitutional convention. All Leaguers should have received a mailing that included a copy of the petition, a page on "how to" carry out a petition drive, a cover sheet to mail with the completed petition and a tri-fold brochure with information about the drive. Just think, if each of us got 100 signatures, that means that our League would provide 77,000 signatures toward this effort! Awesome! Please consider getting as many signatures as you can, and then send them to the address provided. Our web site provides links to additional information about the drive and how to sign the petition online. We also need volunteers to collect signatures at activities taking place in our area over the coming year. Contact Nancy Ekberg, 967-2897.

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