A Publication of The League of Women Voters of Greater Birmingham

Published March 15, 2004

President's Message

The League is gearing up for the long haul to the November Presidential Election. The Democracy Network (DNET) will be in complete form. This is the interactive website for use by candidates and voters at all levels of elective office. We are planning to cover as many races at the state and local levels as we can. This involves a great deal of work and the board will need the help of a number of members. This is a great way to get your feet wet if you are a new member.

While we do not conduct as many voter registrations as we did before Motor Voter, there are occasional requests for this. Candidate forums are also a possibility, especially at the local level. Both of these Voters Service activities require League members to become involved.

The LWVAL State Council, a one-day meeting, will be held in Tuscaloosa on May 15th. Any member is welcome to attend. The state board is planning several workshops. It's a good way to meet League members from around the state.

The LWVUS national convention will be held in Washington in June. This is an excellent meeting, with many opportunities to meet Leaguers from across the country, to participate in informative workshops and to just spend time in the most exciting city in the country (in my opinion.) Any member is welcome to attend all or part of the meeting. If you are interested, call me for details.

If neither of these will fit your schedule, you won't want to miss our own Annual Business Meeting on Saturday, May 22nd at the Birmingham Museum of Art. The debate and adoption of our local program, adoption of a budget, adoption of any suggested bylaws changes and the election of some board members and officers will be the order of the day.

Sarah McDonald - President

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