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Published June 2007

Member Profile – Yvonne Brakefield

Sarah McDonald passes LWVGB president's gavel to Yvonne Brakefield, May, 2005
Sarah McDonald passing the gavel to Yvonne Brakefield in May 2005
This month The Voter has chosen to profile Yvonne Brakefield, the outgoing President of the LWVGB.  Yvonne is a native of Birmingham and a graduate of UAB where she received a M.S. in Applied Mathematics.  She taught mathematics at UAB before starting a career with BellSouth.  Yvonne currently works as a Project Manager, but has had various jobs in her interesting 24 year career.  Yvonne’s boss at UAB was the husband of Leslie O’Neil.  Leslie told Yvonne in no uncertain terms that she needed to join the League and so began Yvonne’s 25 year involvement with the LWVGB. That was in December 1982 and since then Yvonne has held many positions.  She has served as Secretary for the state and local league, Treasurer, Voter Editor, Technical Director for the state and local league and President of LWVGB for 2005-2007.  She is currently the Secretary for the LVAL.  Yvonne is a true techie.  Remember she is a math major!  She recounts that her most rewarding work has been when she has worked on technical projects.  She really enjoyed her work on DNET.   She feels DNET was an excellent way to educate the voters and she loved the opportunity to interview the candidates as she helped to build the database.  As a mother of a son soon to be 18 years old, Yvonne is particularly interested in the League reaching out to the next generation of voters.  She feels the League has a wonderful opportunity for cross-generational learning.  The League is full of wise members who can teach and inspire younger people about our democracy.  It is a win win situation.  The League needs younger members to become members in order for us to remain relevant, and our most experienced members have much to teach our youth.  LWVGB thanks Yvonne for all she has done in the last 25 years and looks forward to her future contributions to our community.
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