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Published June 2007

Local League Well Represented at LWVAL Convention
LWVGB attendees at LWVAL Convention 2007 in Tuscaloosa Congressman Davis was kind enough to stay to have his picture taken with the convention attendees from Birmingham.

Front Row:
Jean Johnson, Kathryn Kerchof,
Congressman Artur Davis, Yvonne Brakefield

Back Row:
Ginny Randolph,
Sarah McDonald,
Mary Lynn Bates,
Paulette Rowe

LWVGB was represented at the State Convention in Tuscaloosa on May 19 -20 by delegates Virginia Randolph, Sarah McDonald, Paulette Rowe, and Kathryn Kerchof.  In addition, Birmingham members also in attendance were Yvonne Brakefield, Mary Lynn Bates and Jean Johnson.  Our own Mary Lynn Bates was elected President and Yvonne was elected Secretary for the LWVAL for 2007- 2009.  Congratulations to both women and we look forward to working with them.

The convention titled It’s All About the League focused on League functions and tools to accomplish League activities.  All was informative, but we were especially proud of Jean Johnson who with Scarlett Gaddy put on a glitzy high tech workshop that demonstrated the best internet tools for us to use.  She is putting her tips on our LWVGB website too.  Jean is the webmaster for our website and deserves kudos for all of the late hours and work she puts into making the LWVAL website and Birmingham site useful sources for members and interested citizens.  One item that she and Scarlett Gaddy put together is A Leaguer’s Guide to Online Resources which may be found on the LWVAL website under Convention Followup in the Members section.  Jean has also summarized the activities on the LWVAL website in the Members section.
During the Convention business sessions we
  • elected a new board
  • voted on Program Planning, reaffirming all the existing positions and adopting the continuation of the Legislative Study on the topic of Initiative and Referendum as well as a new study on Election issues focusing on Off-Site Voting, absentee ballots and early voting.
  • heard from Sue Flood about  the League’s role in working with the Legislature on issues of
    • PAC to PAC transfers
    • Constituional Reform by Citizen Convention
    • Requiring lobbyists to report expenditures at a level significantly lower than the current $250 per day per legislator
  • heard a report from members who met with Legislators regarding merit selection of judges.

At lunch on Saturday the convention attendees heard a presentation by Kimble Forrister.  Kimble is the Executive Director of Alabama Arise and was able to expertly explain to us why the tax structure in Alabama needs to be reformed.

Saturday night the convention attendess were treated to a compelling speech by Congressman Artur Davis.  Congressman Davis recapped the history of American immigration and emphasized that our history of allowing immigration is why we have the strongest and most vibrant economy.  He entertained excellent questions and everyone left knowing more about the immigration legislation being debated in Congress. 

The convention adjourned on Sunday morning and everyone went home having learned a lot about the League and even more about one another.  It was a great weekend of learning and fellowship.

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