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Published June 2007

It’s Your League -- A Note from the President

My mother was a League president in Mesa, Arizona.  I was thinking the other day that she was born before women received the right to vote.  That history made involvement in the League more important to me.  It also made me realize what a relatively short time it has been.  It is like trying to remember a time before computers.  Things have changed but it is still important to be educated about issues and to be engaged in our community development.

We want to hear from you!  We on the LWVGB Board continue to send you information but we know that you have things to share with us.  With that in mind, please contact us at anytime at our e-mail address admin@lwvgb.org.
  • Tell us how you would like to participate.  If you can give 30 minutes or an hour, we will connect you with activities that help.
  • Do you want monthly meetings, or are you someone who would rather receive electronic information?
  • Would you be willing to receive action alerts on legislation to contact your elected officials?
  • After receiving e-mailed action alerts would you be willing to contact our interested members without computers via telephone?

The New Board  We want to welcome Kathryn Kerchof and Leonette Slay as members of the board and Paulette Rowe who is moving from off-board to an on-board position.
Planning by the Board   Your new board is moving into this next year with planning activities after meeting with our outgoing President, Yvonne Brakefield.  During the past two years Yvonne guided us another step-up in development and we plan to keep her close to us for her wise and always pleasant counsel.
  • Your new board will be planning our year in more detail on July 28th.  We have already set up the dates for board meetings and membership meetings.  Everyone is welcome to both board and membership meetings and we will share those dates with you after we fill in some details on July 28th.  Some are already listed in the calendar.
  • Some items that we will be considering at our planning session include
    • Advocacy issues
    • Actions and Projects to Pursue
    • Potential for blogging either with our own site for observer corps comments and/or to one of the existing blogs that feature local issues and observations.
What is coming?
  • Voter Registration activities during the next year
  • League sponsored forum for the Birmingham mayoral candidates
  • Advocacy related to our positions
  • Observer corps for Jefferson County government, Birmingham Water Works Board, Birmingham City Council
  • Environmental related outings – One is already scheduled for June 18th.
  • Legislative follow-up study and consensus on Initiative and Referendum from our LWVAL
  • Study and Consensus meeting on Immigration as part of the National League’s process.  The study materials at available from the League of Women Voters website.

I look forward to working with you and the new Board this coming year.

 -- Ginny

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