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Published January 2007

Congressman Davis Addresses LWVGB at Holiday Luncheon

At the 2006 LWBGB Holiday Luncheon, Congressman Artur Davis said that he hopes to “encourage reasonable discourse” during the 110th Congress. In his view, both Republicans and Democrats are dissatisfied with the way current politics presuppose that we disagree. Issues, he told the group, are framed in a way to force politicians into a box.  He expressed concern about the tendency for campaigns to avoid complex issues; instead, he said, they focus on portraying the opponent as “a bad person.” Davis believes that we can have “politics about purpose” and that voters’ best instincts will carry the day if they have enough information. Congressman Artur Davis speaks to LWVGB Holiday Luncheon, Dec. 2, 2006.
U.S. Congressman Artur Davis, D, District 7, spoke to 40 LWVGB members and friends at our 2006 Holiday Luncheon at The Club in Birmingham.  He has since been appointed to serve on the Ways and Means Committee during the 110th Congress.

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