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Published January 2006

Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform


Alabama citizens will take a stand on the Capitol steps in Montgomery on Wednesday, January 25th, to ask the Legislature to Let the People Vote for a Constitution Convention. The public is invited to participate in this historic Let The People Vote Rally.

Supporters of a Constitution Convention will present the Legislature with more than 60,000 signatures on thousands of petitions urging the Legislature to pass a bill to let the people vote for a Constitution Convention to re-write Alabama’s 1901 Constitution.

Students will begin reading the 1901 Constitution and over 700 amendments at 9:00 a.m. on the Capitol steps and at 11:15 a.m., ACCR representatives and citizens from throughout the state, will present the signed petitions to the Legislature.  The presentation will take place on the steps of the Capitol Building on Dexter Avenue.  Speakers will include the bill’s sponsors, Alabama House Speaker Pro Tem Demetrius Newton and Alabama Senator Ted Little, and others from around the state.

The leadership of many Alabama organizations supporting a constitutional convention will also be present: AEA Retirees, Alabama ARISE, Greater Birmingham Ministries, NCCJ, Chambers of Commerce, and other civic and non-profit organizations, to name a few.

Following the presentation of petitions and comments, supporters will gather in the Capitol Auditorium for an Organizing for Success meeting.  The public is invited to participate in all of the day’s events.

The Let the People Vote Rally is sponsored by Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform (ACCR), a non-profit, grassroots organization that began five years ago. The late Bailey Thomson, former professor of journalism at the University of Alabama; former Governor, Albert Brewer; Auburn University’s Dr. Wayne Flynt; Former U.S. Congressman Jack Edwards; Samford President, Dr. Thomas Corts; and others founded ACCR to educate Alabamians on the need for a new Constitution. The 1901 Constitution currently restricts local decision making, economic and rural development, includes racial and discriminatory language, and exhibits general distrust of Alabama citizens. 

For more information, contact ACCR at 205-540-7501 or visit the ACCR website at

Additional resource materials can be found at: Summary.pdf Bill.pdf

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