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Published January 2006

LWVUS Program Planning

In preparation for Convention 2006, Leagues are encouraged to participate in Program Planning*. According to the LWVUS publication, In League, “Program is the League’s ‘reason for being,’ the basis of both education and action efforts.”   Program - governmental issues chosen for study and action - is an essential element of League and, because it is so important, has traditionally originated with the membership through the program planning process.

It is important for Leagues to participate in this process.  Unfortunately, grassroots participation in this process has steadily declined over time. As a result, we are seeing program planning at the state and local level increasingly being replaced by program planning on the convention floor, which traditionally accounts for only 1.3 percent of the membership. In 2004, only 29 percent of local and state Leagues participated in LWVUS program planning, making it difficult for the LWVUS Board to determine the extent of interest on specific issues for study and action.

In order to open up the process, a LWVUS Program Planning discussion list is being made available for the first time to engage members in conversation about issues of national interest. To subscribe:

Members are also encouraged to review Impact on Issues, which includes information about existing League positions.

Suggestions for new program items may be submitted to LWVGB by e-mail at or in writing to LWVGB, 3451 Cliff Road South, 35205. Input must be received by Tuesday, January 31st.

[* LWVUS Program Planning information is available to LWV members and requires login. If you are a League member and need login assistance, contact Jean Johnson at or 870-3063.]

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