A Publication of The League of Women Voters of Greater Birmingham

Published January 2006

Jefferson County Bills Proposed for this State Legislative Session

State Representative Jim Carns, R-Mountain Brook, has introduced a bill to the Legislature calling for a county manager in Jefferson County [HB324].   Carns, who is co-chair of the Jefferson County legislative delegation, told The Birmingham News, “I represent Jefferson and Shelby County as a state legislator.  I watch both county commissions work.  I see the benefits of the Shelby County manager versus the lack of those benefits for Jefferson County.”   Jeffco commissioners Collins and White have indicated their support for the bill because department heads would report to a professional manager rather than politicians.  Commissioners Buckelew, Smoot and commission president Langford do not support the bill.  These commissioners advocate department heads serving as the professional managers in their assigned area.  

Other legislation relating to Jefferson County being advertised for this session includes:
  • Providing for use of PVC pipe for sewer line construction 
  • Repealing a law that provides for the operation of bingo by qualified organizations
  • Authorizing the sheriff to hire a public information officer
  • Authorizing the Board of Registrars to furnish voter registration lists to certain office-holders, candidates, organizations and circulators of petitions and collect money from whoever receives the lists.

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