A Publication of The League of Women Voters of Greater Birmingham

Published January 2006

Legislative Study Consensus Begins Jan 26th

The first part of the LWVAL Legislative Study will be discussed and consensus reached (or not) in our monthly member meeting at the Homewood Library on Thursday, January 26 at 6:00 pm.

In preparation for this meeting, please read the following material at  

  • Instructions for Members
  • Members' Consensus Questions worksheet 
  • the briefing papers on 
    • Legislative Basics 
    • The Committee System and 
    • Legislative Support 

(If you need login assistance to access the material, contact Jean Johnson at or 870-3063.)  Members who receive a paper Voter received this information in a special mailing ahead of this newsletter.

Included in this material is the list of consensus questions and instructions.  The state League allows members to read and answer the questions without attending the discussion meetings; however, we strongly urge everyone who can attend to do so.  The discussion and debate aspects of consensus-taking is much more enriching and leads to a better result for the whole League.

Mary Lynn Bates and Sarah McDonald will lead the discussion.  Elsewhere in this issue are a few“teaser” questions to get you going.  The member(s) with the most correct answers will receive a WONDERFUL prize.

Let’s have a good representation of the Birmingham League at this meeting!

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