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Published January 2006

Jessie Tehranchi

A Message from Jessie Dixon Tehranchi
February 12, 1949 – January 8, 2006

Jessie Tehranchi, LWV member and tireless activist for universal healthcare and public transportation, died January 8.  Jessie asked that this message be passed along to her friends.

We will miss our “wheelchaired warrior.” [Read Tributes to Jessie.]

Dear friends,

I want to thank my husband Jim for helping me through my many years of multiple sclerosis and the recent colon cancer. I want to thank my sons David and Michael for their tolerance and support through this ordeal.

I want to thank the people of Mountain Chapel for their loyal support through these difficult times. I also want to thank Mountain Chapel for their awareness of handicap accessibility issues in the restoration of the sanctuary and the upcoming plans to put a ramp to the podium for people with disabilities.

As most of you know, I have been involved in two issues for many years. I’ve been in the universal health care campaign through the Universal Health Care Action Network (UHCAN) which advocates for an efficient, effective and equitable heath care system. I see universal health care as a justice issue since people who lose their jobs should not lose their health care.

Public transportation is another issue I’ve been passionate about for many years. For me the issue is that people should be able to get around town without driving a car. It’s good for the tourist industry, it’s good for the economy, and it’s good for the quality of life for all citizens of metro Birmingham.

And now I really want these things to continue. These movements are important, and I’ve been dedicated to them for so many years. I hope that the people here will understand their importance and carry them on.

In my final words, I would like to remind you to get a colonoscopy so you can avoid this horrible cancer that I’ve died from.

I have loved all of you.

Jessie Tehranchi

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