A Publication of The League of Women Voters of Greater Birmingham

Published January 2005

New Member Spotlight
Myra Thompson is an Alabama native who moved away twice, but came back each time. For years she has been interested in womenís issues and thought of joining the LWV. After earning her Masterís degree in Public Administration and transferring to a downtown work location, the time was right. Specific concerns for Myra include voting issues, nepotism in Alabama State agencies and accessibility of health care for all citizens.

Lorraine Maddox is a returning LWVGB member. Fifteen years ago family and job took first priority and she let her League membership lapse. After her 18-year-old son voted for the first time this year, she decided it was time to get involved again. Lorraine is concerned about the decreased separation of church and state and the erosion of civil rights.

Ann Smith is another Birmingham native with League experience. While living in Victoria, Texas she served on the local LWV board as state programs chair. State constitution reform is her top priority. Ann is also a member of the Showstoppers, a local tap dancing group.

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