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Published February 2007

LWVGB Program Recommendations

The local League board is preparing its recommendations to the Annual Business Meeting that will take place April 19th.  One area of preparation is recommendations we will make on the LWVGB program. The LWVGB program includes the existing positions taken on issues after study and member consensus, study (existing or new study) and issues for emphasis. We invite you to advise the board of your program recommendations by completing the LWVGB Program Recommendations Form (available in .pdf or .doc format) which describes the current LWVGB program, including a list of the titles of existing program positions.

Contact Yvonne Brakefield on 205-516-8235 if you need the most recent copy of the LWVGB program positions or view online at www.lwvgb.org/about.html#positions.

Your input is requested by February 28th.  Please send your program  recommendations form to Yvonne Brakefield, 3451 Cliff Rd., Birmingham, AL 35205.

Thank you!

LWVGB Program Study Committee
Becky Sylvester
Kate Long
Yvonne Brakefield

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