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Published February 2006

March Membership Meeting

LWVGB takes a Spring Break!
(There will be no membership meeting in March.)

April Membership Meeting

Preparing for Election 2006

Thursday, April 27, 6:00 pm
Homewood Library

Betty Warnock, Yvonne Brakefield and Virginia Randolph are researching issues related to how Alabama, and especially Jefferson and Shelby Counties, are managing the Help America Vote Act.  Do you know how many counts of ballots are normally made when there is no recall vote in an election?  Do you know how election officials determine the number of ballots to have on site?  What is the basis for a valid and counted Provisional Ballot?  Do you know why some absentee ballots and some provisional ballots that are theoretically valid are not counted?  These issues and others, along with plans for the League involvement with citizen education and voter registration, will provide everyone a chance to volunteer to help democracy work.  Please attend the meeting and help us plan the Greater Birmingham League’s election year activities.

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