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Published February 2006

Alabama Legislative Update

[For more information about the League's priority issues and progress of important legislation, visit  www.lwval.org/LWVALAction/ALIssues-2006.html. Latest news and alerts are posted!]

This is the year that our State Legislature has a chance to show leadership and statesmanship.  The League supports several bills introduced in this session.

First and foremost are two bills calling for a constitutional convention.  If these pass, the other reform issues will be a part of the new constitution!  They are HB 109 sponsored by House Speaker Pro Tem Demetrius Newton and SB 52 sponsored by Senator Ted Little.

HB109 is now in the House Constitution and Elections committee, following a Public Hearing held January 25th, which several League members attended.  THE COMMITTEE WILL VOTE ON IT WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 15.

SB52 is now in the Senate Constitution, Campaign Finance, Ethics and Elections Committee waiting for Committee Chair, Senator Wendell Mitchell, to call for a Public Hearing.  That will probably happen during the third week of February.


Public Hearing Announcement

A public hearing for SB 52 is scheduled Tuesday, February 14 from 10:00 AM to Noon in House Room 727.

Your support is desperately needed.  Call your legislators on these committees  (listed below) , and let them know you want them to vote for HB109 and SB52.  YOUR IMMEDIATE CALL (before 10:00 a.m. on Feb. 15) FOR HB109 IS CRITICAL!

House Office Number:  334-242-7600 (Ask for your legislator’s number.)
Senate Office Number:  334-242-7800

The League also supports public transportation.  Two bills currently before the legislature are constitutional amendments that would add public transit to the list of services for which fuel and road use taxes can be used.  This is a statewide amendment and would make it possible for local communities to receive consistent funding for public transportation.
SB 182 is sponsored by Senator Rodger Smitherman.
HB 353 is sponsored by Rep. Laura Hall.

The League supports campaign finance reform. Two constitutional amendments would forbid PAC-to-PAC transfers.
HB 93 is sponsored by Rep. Jeff McLaughlin (Update - HB93 has passed the House!)
SB138 is sponsored by Senator Curt Lee

Three constitutional amendments would require funding disclosure for political campaigns.
HB90 sponsored by Rep. Randy Hinshaw requires disclosure on political advertising.
HB 113 sponsored by Rep. Randy Hinshaw extends that disclosure to electioneering communication.
SB 123 sponsored by Senator Lindsey extends the disclosure to electioneering communication.

Call your legislators and tell them to vote for these bills!

House Constitution and Elections Committee
Randy Hinshaw, Chair (D) Dist 21 Program Director
Huntsville; H 256-828-7119
State House 334-242-7733 Rm 535

Jeff McLaughlin, Vice Chair (D) Dist 27 Attorney
Guntersville H 256-582-2520
State House : 334-242-7765 Rm 526-B

Greg Albritton (R) Ranking Minority Member, Dist 64
Attorney, Excel H 251-578-6900 ( Evergreen)
State House 334-242-7747 Rm 539-7747
George Bandy (D) Dist 83 Pastor
Opelika H 334-242-7721
State House 334-242-7721 Rm 526-D

Randy Davis (R) Dist 96 Edu administrator
Daphne H 251-937-0324  or 251-626-5825
State House 334-242-7724 Rm 538-B

Joe Faust (R) Dist 94 Insurance sales
Fairhope H 251-928-5445
State House 334- 242-7699 Rm 524-C

Paul DeMarco ( R) Dist 46 Attorney
Homewood H 205-802-7285  W 205 326-6600
State House 334-242-7740 Rm 536-C

Micky Hammon ( R ) Dist 4 Electrical Contractor
Decatur H 256-350-4261 or 256-350-0375
State House 334- 242-7709 Rm 523-C
Steve Hurst ( D ) Dist 35 Businessman
Munford H 256-761-1935
State House  334-353-9215 Rm 630-A

Bryant Melton ( D) 334-242-7752 Dist 70 College Administrator
Tuscaloosa H 205-391-2614 or 205-758-6800
State House 334-242-7752 Rm 525-C

Joseph Mitchell ( D) Dist 103 Retired
Mobile H 251-473-5020
State House 334-242-7735 Rm 517-A

Mary Moore (D) Dist 59 Medical Technology
Birmingham H 205-322-0254
State House 334-242-7608 Rm 539-D

Sue Schmitz (D) Dist 6 School Teacher
Tony ( Madison) H 256-852-7003
State House 334-242-7704 Rm 524-D

Tommy Sherer (D) Dist 13 Retired Elem School Principal
Jasper H 256-522-2348 or 205-387-1321
State House 334-242-7704 Rm 522-D
Randy Wood (R) Dist 36 Owner Wood’s Body Shop
Anniston H 256-237-8114  or 256-892-2151
State House 334-242-7700 Rm 524-E

House Majority Leader and Rules Chair:
Ken Guin, (D)  District 14 attorney
Carbon Hill S.H.  519-C  334- 242-7674
Home 205-924-0061
Senate Constitution, Campaign Finance, Ethics and Elections Committee
Chair    Wendell  Mitchell, ( D)  Distict 30  Attorney
S.H. 733-A;  334-242-7883
Luvern  (O)  334-335-3449
Roger Bedford, (D) District 6  Attorney
S.H. 730-B 334-242-7862
Russelville  (O) 256-332-2880
(H) 256-332-7709
W. H. Pat Lindsey (D) District 22  Attorney
S.H.  721  334-242-7843
Butler (O) 251 459-2478
(H) 251-459-3508
Roger Smitherman (D) District 18  Attorney
S.H. 732-A 334-242-7870
Birmingham (O) 205-322-0012
(H) 205-322-3768
Zeb  Little (D)  District 4 Attorney
S.H. Rm 736-A 334-242-7855 Majority Floor Leader
Cullman (O) 256-734-0456,
(H) 256-734-6348
Steve French (R) District   15 Financial Consultants
S.H. 737-D 334-242-7851
Birmingham (O) 205-871-5900
(H) 205 871-3881
Curt Lee (R) District  5 Attorney
S. H. 737-A / 334-242-7891
Jasper (O) 205-387-7575
(H) 205-302-0831
Hank Sanders (D)  District  23 attorney
S.H. 730-A   334-242-7860
Selma (O) 334-242-7860
(H) 334-875-1395
Vivian Figures (D) District 33  Widow
S.H. 732-B  / 332-242-7871
Mobile  (O) 251-208-5480
(H) 251-28-5480
Tommy Lee  Roberts (D)  District 3 Retired
S.H. 729-C/ 334 242-7874
Hartselle ( O)  256-773-2854
(H) 256-773-2854
Ted Little  (D)  District 27  Attorney
S.H. Rm 740/ 334-242-7865 Auburn
(O) 334-887-3472
(H) 334-887-6552

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