A Publication of The League of Women Voters of Greater Birmingham

Published February 2005

President's Message

The board is working to plan relevant and interesting meetings for our membership. This month we are using the Unit Meeting format to review state programs. Our March meeting will offer "how to" training on establishing community dialogue and in-depth discussions on home rule.

Freezing weather put a damper on our January 29th Environmental Update meeting at Ruffner Mountain. Those who attended were enthusiastic about the setting, so we will reschedule this presentation for a warmer month.

We would like to hear from members on whether monthly meetings are important. Would you prefer fewer meetings and more online information on issues? There are a number of ways to get involved without monthly commitments. Our two current studies, Health Care in Jefferson County and the State Legislature are ways to research public policy and government at a different pace. Call Rebecca Stafford (249-5861) for the Health Care study or Mary Lynn Bates (823-9459) for the Legislative study.

Kudos to Nancy Ekberg and our membership in general! Our numbers have increased by 48% this past year. Let's continue to recruit new members and develop a high profile in this community!

Sarah McDonald

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