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Published August 2007

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Your Membership Dues

Dear Members,

It is that time of year again!  Your dues are due for your League Membership.  You will receive a letter from us that will include our elected officials’ information called Your Government at Your Fingertips, as well as a new member brochure for you to give to a friend. The mailing will also include a self-addressed envelope, which we hope you will use to send in your dues.  As you may know, when you join the Greater Birmingham League, you are automatically a member of the Alabama State League and the National League.

We need your continued membership and support to work for:
  • A commission manager form of government in Jefferson County
  • Adequate funding for childhood education including education before 1st grade.
  • Adequate funding for our justice system including community based alternatives to incarceration, family court and juvenile justice system
  • Safeguards for our waterways and the environment.
  • An equitable tax system
  • Campaign finance reform, including restrictions on lobbying, more transparency in funding and an end to PAC to PAC transfers
  • A constitutional convention to Alabama to allow the citizens to write a new constitution

Thank you!

-- Nancy Ekberg
Membership Chair
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