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Published August 2007

Membership Profile:  Kaydee Erdreich-Bremen
Kaydee Erdreich-Bremen was born and raised in Birmingham.  A graduate of Shades Valley High School and Mary Washington College, Kaydee has had a varied career in government service.  Her life has taken her to Virginia, Georgia and California.  She has one daughter, and she decided years ago to make Birmingham her home.   She has held positions with the Small Business Administration, the Internal Revenue Service, Head Start, and Health and Human Services.  Her experience as a tax auditor at the IRS at the age of 23 showed her early in her career the importance of understanding  Kaydee Erdeich-Breman photo
Kaydee Erdreich-Breman
the "details of government".  She has had a life-long interest in politics and government.  She is particularly interested in the “systems of government”.  She was drawn to join the League over 25 years ago because of studies the League had conducted.  She had discovered on the job that thorough and sometimes tedious study of a process is the only way that one gains insight into the workings of government. It is no surprise to anyone that Kaydee is a big fan of the League's Observer Corps.  She presently observes the transit advisory committee.  When Kaydee is not studying the intricacies of government, she loves to vacation in Maine.  In addition, she is an avid swimmer, and she helps with the swim team at the Lakeshore Foundation.  She also sits on the board of the Birmingham Historical Society and is a member of Temple Emanu-El.  If you would like to join Kaydee in the Observer Corps she would love to talk to you.  You may contact her at admin@lwvgb.org.
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