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Published August 2007

Ruffner Mountain Hike

LWVGB members had an invigorating hike at Ruffner Mountain on Saturday morning, June 16.  We walked the quarry trail and Yvonne Brakefield used her new digital camera to take a number of pictures of native flora.  As we got closer to the quarry site, the soil became redder with hematite, Alabama's state mineral and a key ingredient in the making of pig iron.  Ruffner has a number of trails with rest benches along the way and some great views of the Birmingham skyline.   Leonette Slay and Ruth Wright enjoy hike at Ruffner Mountain.

Leonette Slay and Ruth Wright enjoy a hike at Ruffner Mountain.
Consider checking out this nearby urban oasis when you want a hike but don't want to tie up your day in driving to and from your destination.  I will explore the possibility of partnering with another League or nonprofit organization with similar environmental goals and would like to hear your ideas. 

 – Leonette Slay

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