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Published August 2007

Where Will You Participate?

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The League has so many places you may contribute to enhancing our community and making the democratic process work.  Select the area or areas where you would like to get involved and send us an email (admin@lwvgb.org) providing your name and area you would like to work with.  If you would like to talk (583.5000) with someone, let us know that, and we can explain what is involved.  Just like we believe in an informed electorate, we believe in a prepared member.  The following are just a few of the opportunities that could use your talents:

Observer Corps
  • Jefferson County Commission  -- once a month
  • Birmingham City Council -- once a month but you may catch it on TV if you live in Birmingham
  • Birmingham School Board
  • Hoover School Board
Voter Service
  • Register People to Vote
  • Help at the Registrar’s Office the week of election
A Side Note:   We are receiving requests for Voter registration in anticipation of both the Birmingham Mayoral election on October 9 and the upcoming Primary Election scheduled for February 5. Karen Threlkeld registered people to vote on July 14 at Avondale Park for a Young Adult Voting and Community Activism workshop aimed at increasing political awareness and involvement.   Due to its success, the group wants to include us again as the workshop is offered in other areas of Birmingham

2007 Mayoral Forum on September 18th
  • Timer
  • Usher
  • Set up and clean up
  • Staff the LWVGB table
  • Immigration
  • Initiative and Referendum
Public Relations
  • Write Press Releases
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