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Published August 2007

LWVGB Board Planning

Thanks to Sarah McDonald, the LWVGB Board met in a delightful setting on a hot day in late July.  Despite the heat or maybe inspired by the sizzle the group was on a roll with so many good ideas.  Since we had more ideas than people, we felt that we had to prioritize the goals and ideas,  but there are plenty for all who want to contribute to our community.
The following goal areas will receive the highest priority for action from the local chapter this next year:
  • Growth of the Observer Corps
  • Voter Service
  • Increase the technical proficiency of all members to aid in our activities
  • Membership development and leadership
  • Public awareness of LWVGB
  • Development of the Education Fund
Ginny Randolph, President of LWVGB, leads Board Planning.

Virginia Randolph, President of LWVGB
We will also participate in two important studies to reach consensus:
  • Immigration (a national study with LWV)
  • Initiative/Referendum system for Alabama
  • We will continue to monitor and provide information or advocacy with the following areas:
  •  Constitutional Reform
  • County Manager form of government
  • Health care issues
  • Environmental issues
So there are many places to participate.  Just let us know (admin@lwvgb.org or 583.5000) where you want to contribute.

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