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Published August 2007

Committee to Review Birmingham's Mayor-Council Act

The Birmingham Citizen’s Advisory Board (CAB) has appointed a reform committee of representatives from community organizations to review the Birmingham Mayor-Council Act and make recommendations on how to improve operations of the city government.

Emanuel Ford, President of CAB is credited with the idea of reviewing the Mayor-Council Act. As reported by staff writer Joseph D. Bryant in the July 22nd edition of the The Birmingham News, Mr. Ford has become increasingly frustrated with the constant struggle between the Mayor’s office and the City Council.  “It is obvious this Mayor-Council Act does not work,” Ford was quoted as saying.  “The document is to serve the people, not the politicians.”

Leona Payne, president of the Jones Valley Neighborhood Association, will serve as chairwoman of the CAB reform committee.  Other committee members include Mayor Bernard Kincaid; Councilor William Bell; Anne Marie Adams, Jefferson County Circuit Clerk; Reverend Andra Sparks; Margie George, president of the Greater Birmingham Republican Women; Robbie Yarbrough, chairman of the Jefferson County Democratic Party; Jim Williams representing PARCA; Jay Rhodes, an attorney with Baddley and Mauro; and Yvonne Brakefield, member of the League of Women Voters of Greater Birmingham.

The primary function of the CAB is to serve as a liaison between community neighborhood associations and the City of Birmingham.  Additional information about the CAB can be found at http://www.cpn.org/topics/community/birmingham.html

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