A Publication of The League of Women Voters of Greater Birmingham

Published August 2004

New Member Spotlight

Our LWVGB is growing! Meet our new members.

Connie Lees was born in Chicago and came to Birmingham 28 years ago by way of New Orleans. She has been active in civic affairs with the city of Hoover for years. The current mayoral campaign led Connie and her friend, Eva Click, to contact the LWVGB about sponsoring a forum for Hoover mayoral candidates. She is proud to be associated with the League because of its solid reputation as a non-partisan organization. When you meet Connie she will probably be wearing a giraffe pin. She explains, Its because Im not afraid to stick my neck out!

Eva Click came to Birmingham from Memphis in 1984. With her friend Connie Lees, Evas first contact with the LWVGB was a request to sponsor the Hoover Mayoral Candidates Forum. Her involvement with City of Hoover affairs has led her to develop specific interest in voter registration, education and turnout. She wants to work to increase voter participation in elections. Im passionate about the things I believe in.

Kimberly Pride came to Birmingham four years ago from Washington, DC. She reviewed the Leagues web site and decided the organization provided a good match for her interests. I wanted something I could get involved in. Kimberly is concerned that Alabama prison inmates cant vote. States differ in restitution of civil rights to convicted felons. This creates a group of people who may or may not be able to vote depending on their state of residence. When asked what she would like others to know about her, Kimberly replied, Im purpose driven.

Jayme Hill became acquainted with the LWVGB through her job as director of the Alabama Environmental Council. This organization worked with the League and other organizations to focus public attention on the impact of Jefferson Countys sewer expansion plans. Jayme is interested in public policy development. I believe in the ability of people to make a difference.

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