A Publication of The League of Women Voters of Greater Birmingham

Published August 2004

"Vote 2004"

Voter Services Activity Plan
The Voter Services Committee met on July 29 to work on the implementation plan for 2004-2005 activities. Members present included Amy Allon, Judith Hand, Cary Page, Sarah McDonald, Virginia Randolph and Kate Long.

Plans for college students will depend on information collected from colleges and the county registrars.

Members participating in voter registration and the Mayoral Forum during August included Sarah McDonald, Gayle England, Collette Scott, Cary Page, Dianne Holmes, Connie Lees, Eva Click, Virginia Randolph, Beverly Nelson and Kimberly Pride.

Voter Registration Adults

  • 8/3/04 - Cahaba Heights Vestavia citizens meeting
  • 8/5/04 Somerby at University Park Senior Citizens
  • 8/12/04 Hoover Mayoral Forum
  • 8/14/04 AARP and Civil Rights Leadership meeting
  • 9/12, 9/16/04 Birmingham Pledge
  • 9/13-15/04 - LWVGB-MAX vote to register bus riders
Voter Registration Eligible high school and college students
  • 8/24 Clay Chalkville High School
  • 9/13 Birmingham Pledge Teen Conference
Public Awareness Issues
  • Elementary school activities
  • In-depth media article
  • 8/12 Hoover Mayoral Forum
  • 9/24 - HAVA Program for League
Fingertips Update

Help with Local Elections!
Volunteer to work the polls on Election Day. Call your County Probate Judge or political party office. Tell them where you vote and volunteer to work the polls.
  • Jefferson County Probate Judge: 325-5420
  • Shelby County Registrar: 669-3713
  • Democratic Party: 226-1265
  • Republican Party: 222-7664
Absentee Ballots
Absentee ballots are scheduled to be available September 15 at the Circuit Court.

Voter Registration Deadline
October 22 is the last day to register to vote in the November 2 election.

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