A Publication of The League of Women Voters of Greater Birmingham

Published August 2004

Hoover Mayoral Forum
Photos copyrighted by Dennis Lathem Hoover, Alabama

Sarah McDonald, LWVGB President Hoover Mayoral Candidates
Approximately 450 to 500 Hoover citizens attended the Mayoral Forum presented by the LWVGB on August 12 at Hoover High School. Five of the six candidates for Hoover Mayor participated. The missing candidate, Stephen Bryant, has not participated in most other campaign forums.

Sarah McDonald introduced Council candidates who attended. The Mayoral candidates, Barbara McCollum, Bob Lochamy, Walter Mims, Jody Patterson and Tony Petelos presented an opening statement, took questions from the audience and provided lively responses. A number of Hoover citizens expressed appreciation to the League for presenting a professional forum that provided an opportunity for the public to hear positions of each candidate. The citizen participation and later broadcast of the forum on local television provided high visibility of the LWVGB in action.

Thanks go to Gene Godwin, Ron Swan, Jeff Lloyd, Sandra Taylor, Greg Patterson and Neal Bailey at the High School for working with LWVGB members in planning and running the forum. Hoover Ambassadors, a group of seniors who provide assistance at school events, provided seating guidance, led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance and brought microphones to citizens with questions. Students in Mr. Lloyd’s broadcast class taped the event for later broadcast on WOTM. League members who participated in planning and presenting the event included Sarah McDonald, Virginia Randolph, Connie Lees, Eva Click, Leonette Slay, Judith Hand, and Diane Holmes.

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