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Published April 2007

Alabama State HouseLegislative Update

County Manager for Jefferson County

 During the 2006 legislative session, a bill to establish a Jefferson County Manager position died in committee.  This year three competing bills are vying for consideration. Legislators delayed a vote on HB110 scheduled for March 28 and asked Representatives DeMarco, Newton and Beeson to work together to reconcile their respective bills. Since a single member of the county delegation can kill a bill in committee, it is imperative that they agree on the final bill. In its April 4 editorial, The Birmingham News voiced support for HB110, the bill supported by LWVGB. Representative DeMarco, who introduced HB110, anticipates the bill coming back before committee in April.    

Call for Constitution Convention Moves Forward

 In this 2007 Legislative session, House Bill 98, calling for a constitutional convention, was filed in the House by Speaker Pro Tem Demetrius Newton and co-sponsored by 16 of his fellow House members.   Similarly, Senator Ted Little filed Senate Bill SB 99 that calls for a constitutional convention and was supported by five Senate co-sponsors

If passed by the House and Senate, the bills will allow Alabama citizens to vote for or against a constitutional rewrite by citizen delegates. That vote will take place next winter during the Presidential primary.

Both bills are now before the respective House and Senate Constitution Committees and expected to be considered before the Legislative Spring Break beginning April 16. 2007.  Projections are positive that both bills will pass the committees this year but it is never certain until the votes are cast. The sponsors and co-sponsors of the bills show bipartisan support.

House Bill 98: Speaker Pro Tem Demetrius Newton, (D) of Birmingham sponsored HB 98 and was joined  by 16 Representatives; Alvin Holmes (D) of Montgomery, Bill J. Dukes (D) of Decatur, Mac Gipson (R) of Aliceville and Mike Hill (R) of Columbiana, Priscilla Dunn (D) of Bessemer, Thomas Jackson (D) of Thomasville, Pebblin Warren (D) of Tuskegee, James Gordon (D) of Saraland, Rod Scott (D) of Fairfield, John Knight, Jr. (D) of Montgomery, Sue Schmitz (D) of Toney, John Robinson (D) of Scottsboro, Alan Harper (D) of Aliceville, Barbara Bigsby Boyd (D) of Anniston, Patricia Todd (D) of Vestavia Hills and Mary Moore (D) of Tarrant.

Senate Bill 99: Senator Ted Little  sponsored Senate Bill SB99 and was joined by five Senators;  Roger Smitherman (D) of Birmingham, Bradley Byrne (R) of Fairhope, Steve French (R) of Birmingham, Linda Coleman, (D) of Birmingham and Vivian Figures ( D) of Mobile.

To gain increased support and awareness for this bill it is essential for each of you to call the committee members and your legislators NOW.  Ask each to support “Letting the People Vote” on whether or not to call a convention.

Below are the committee members and their contact information.

Senate Constitution, Campaign Finance, Ethics & Elections Committee:
  • Committee Chair, Pat Lindsey (D), District 22, Butler (205-459-2478) (334-242-7843) senbutler@aol.com
  • Deputy President Pro Tem, Wendell Mitchell (D), District 30, Luverne (334-335-3449) (334-242-7883) wmitchell@faulkner.edu
  • Lowell Barron (D), District 8, Fyffe (256-623-2298) (334-242-7858) No email
  • Roger Bedford (D), District 6, Russellville (256-332-2880) (334-242-7862) senbedford@aol.com
  • Ben Brooks (R), District 35, Mobile (251-344-7744) (334-242-7882) benbrooksiii@aol.com
  • Parker Griffith (D), District 7, Huntsville (256-536-7433) (334-242-7846) No email
  • Arthur Orr (R), District 3, Decatur (256-345-3861) (334-345-3861) No email
  • Bradley Byrne (R), District 32, Fairhope (251-433-3234) (334-242-7897)   Bradley.byrne@arlaw.com
  • Zeb Little (D), District 4, Cullman (256-775-7707) (334-242-7855) Zeb@zeblittlelawfirm.com
  • Myron Penn (D), District 28, Union Springs (334-738-4486) (334-242-7868)
  • Quinton Ross (D), District 26, Montgomery (334-242-7880) No email
  • Hank Sanders (D), District 23, Selma (334-875-9264) (334-242-7860) No email

House of Representatives Constitution and Elections Committee:
  • Chair, Randy Hinshaw (D), District 21, Madison (256-539-5441) (334-242-7733) no email
  • Vice Chair, Tommy Sherer (D), District 13, Jasper (205-522-2348) (334-242-7694) tommysherer@yahoo.com
  • Jay Love (R), Ranking Minority Member, District 74, Montgomery (334-224-0822) (334-242-7716) no email
  • George Bandy (D), District 83, Opelika (334-749-0051) (334-242-7721) no email
  • Greg Canfield (R), District 48, Vestavia (205-824-4734) (334-242-7763) gcanfield@bellsouth.net
  • Randy Davis (R), District 96, Daphne (251-442-2552) (334-242-7724) rmdavis14@aol.com
  • Chad Fincher (R), District 102, Semmes (251-649-2722) (334-242-7778) Chadfincher@bellsouth.net
  • James Gordon (D), District 98, Saraland (251-476-7246) (334-242-7772) James@jamesgordon.com
  • Joseph Mitchell (D), District 103, Mobile (251-208-5480) (334-242-7735) no email
  • Mary Moore (D), District 59, Birmingham (205-322-0254) (334-242-7608) no email
  • Jack Page (D), District 21, Gadsden (256-549-8287) (334-242-7742) reppage@bellsouth.net
  • Patricia Todd (D), District 54, Birmingham (205-324-9822) (334-242-7718) retodd@gmail.com
  • Ken Guin (D), District 14, Carbon Hill (205-924-0061) (334-242-7674) no email
  • Micky Hammon (R), District 4, Decatur (256-350-0375) (334-242-7709) Mickyhammon@charter.net
  • Barry Mask (R), District 31, Tallassee (334-514-0904) (334-242-7782) Jandb1860@juno.com

If you know your legislators' names, e-mail them at their own name with a period between first and last name @alhouse.org or @alsenate.org. For example: Joe.Smith@alhouse.org. Many use a specific email. See the website http://www.legislature.state.al.us/ for contact information for your Legislators.

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