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Published April 2007

A Note from the President

As the League year draws to a close, it is time for our membership to come together for our Annual Business Meeting on Thursday, April 19th. We will adopt a new budget, vote on changes to our Bylaws and Program, and elect new leadership for the next biennium. Your input will help to determine the future of this league and is vital to the success of our organization. I strongly urge all members to attend.

It has been an honor for me to serve on the LWVGB Board of Directors over the past seven years. During this time, I have had the opportunity to work with a diverse and stimulating group of women, and have been greatly enlightened by the experience! I offer my sincere thanks to you –the members - for giving me the opportunity to serve as President and for your hard work and support of this organization. I am especially grateful to the members who have served on the Board during the last two years, for the leadership of Nancy Ekberg and Ginny Randolph as Vice Presidents, and for Beverly Nelson’s outstanding job as The VOTER Editor and work with the Observer Corp.

On a more personal note, I want to acknowledge the support I have received from Jean Johnson and Becky Sylvester as previous League leaders. On numerous occasions, they have offered me counsel and encouragement in my role as president. They have also kept me from “putting my foot in my mouth” – as the old saying goes – and for that I am most thankful!

I am so very proud to be a member of the League of Women Voters of Greater Birmingham, and I pledge my continued support to this organization.



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